Until We Meet Again……

December 27, 2013


Last week, my husband’s older mare Touchy died quietly in her sleep.  Terry had rescued her from an abusive situation over 30 years ago when she just four years old.  They spent many years together, soothing each others hurts, as only dear friends can do.

Don’t Cry for the Horses
By Brenda Riley-Seymore 

 Don’t cry for the horses
That life has set free
A million white horses
Forever to be

Don’t cry for the horses
Now in God’s hands
As they dance and they prance
To a heavenly band

They were ours as a gift
But never to keep
As they close their eyes
Forever to sleep

Their spirits unbound
On silver wings they fly
A million white horses
Against the blue sky

Look up into heaven
You’ll see them above
The horses we lost
The horses we loved

Manes and tails flowing
They Gallop through time
They were never yours
They were never mine

Don’t cry for the horses
They will be back someday
When our time has come
They will show us the way

On silver wings they will lift us
To the warmth of the sun
When our life is over
And eternity has begun

We will jump the sun
And dance over the moon
A Ballet of horses and riders
on the winds
to a heavenly tune

Do you hear that soft nicker
Close to your ear?
Don’t cry for the horses
Love the ones that are here

Don’t cry for the horses
Lift up your sad eyes
Can’t you see them
As they fly by?

A million white horses
Free from hunger and pain
Their spirits set free
Until we ride again




  1. This was not the post I have been waiting for, but am glad you shared. Tears… and hugs. The best thing is that Touchy had a wonderful forever home and great friends.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Touchy. I’m glad she had so many happy years with your husband and you. I know she was greatly loved. I’m sure she is reunited with Shy Ann and they are are keeping watch over your herd.

  3. I’m very sorry to hear about Touchy. I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

  4. Touchy was wonderful for so many reasons she gave you guys so much and you gave her a for ever home with all the love that a horse can get! the bond that she and Terry had was wonderful and she passed in her sleep in the safety and love of her home ! she couldn’t have bin in a better place! thanks for the post Deb! I love the pic of her and Terry walking side by side!

  5. wonderful tribute

  6. I will miss hearing stories about Touchy and Terry and am so sorry for the sadness you both must be feeling at the loss of such a dear companion that was a part of your family for so many years.

  7. What a beautiful poem!  Thanks so much for sharing, Deb 🙂


    • When I saw the email, I thought ‘oh goody’, an update on the kids. Then, I saw the subject and the first one I thought of was Touchy. One of the most powerful stories you’ve posted was about her complete trust in Terry, the time he guided her, verbally, across the swollen creek. Their bond was apparent. So sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you Toni

  8. Pastor and I had a conversation about horses and heaven. Would like to share this poem with him, with your permission. That’s the way I explained it to him. And you know, there are some very special ones,that we horsemen/women will hear whinney to us, as we cross the river Jordan.

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